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How to Choose Colocation Service Provider

The considerable points that we need to consider while choosing a colocation web hosting provider is to pay attention to the solutions that deliver maximum availability and security systems. The number of subsystems that we need to think about while choosing a data center are as below :

• Uninterruptible power supply : Provided by two independent inputs from two different sections of the substation, and together with the use of Uninterruptible power supply company can provide a secure energy supply. The possibility of total power consumption of up to 1 MW and the internal architecture of data center power supply can provide power to 10 kW per rack.

• Cooling of containment : With increasing energy consumption of servers, complicated the task of heat dissipation. The total cooling solution containment is built on the principle of hot / cold zone and increases with increasing heat.

• Fire fighting : Data center company should be equipped with all necessary gas fire suppression system. Systems include fire alarms, consisting of facilities located along the perimeter sensors and ignition systems for gas extinguishing systems. Gas used in the system is harmless to equipment.

• Provision of physical security : Access to the tight area is strictly regulated. Access control is provided by authentication system. On campus security camera that allows security services to monitor in real time.

Thus, the infrastructure and regulations that guarantee access to servers and the security of their data are best fit to choose for colocation services.

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